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THIRDThe (true) distribued blockchain


MASSIVEWe want to be massive


NOMADEFrom morning to night


SAFESafety in scalability




MONETIZEDTrade, Exchange, Make Peace


SCALABLEGrowth readiness


FAST Pay in one second

REAL P2Pdistribued blockchain

Why we are speaking of decentralized or distributed blockchain when the base of blockchain is the peer to peer model ? Blockchain has a big problem to solve: it's the inflation of this unique file distributed to all nodes: the blockchain itself. For Cryptocurrencies, the problem is the biggest threat to massive public adoption because no crypto will be able now to support massive transaction in time and cost acceptable by economic actors. To tackle this problem. the blockchain file which is now unique and distributed as it is to multiples nodes need to be in the p2p model too. It means that THIRD will distribute the blockchain among the nodes to handle the massive growth of size expected. We will base on the cloud formed by the nodes our own blockchain unicity.

THIRD needs to invent a new way to handle blockchain exchange outside classic PoA and Pos (see below) considering that PoA is not a valid format for full decentralized technologies and the PoS has its own limits.

The second goal is to be democratic : indeed nodes to serve the network needs to be costless for actors and we must keep the diffusion among multiple and different actors possible at very low cost. For that purpose, THIRD will be seen as a classic module of all known server application like Apache, Ningx or Lighttpd. People using already this software will be able to activate THIRD Nodes using their favorite html/php/python page servers with low need of empty space

Be readywe will be massive

The goal of THIRD is to be adopted. To be adopted, THIRD needs to be SIMPLE, ACCESSIBLE, COSTLESS and SERVES economical actors needs quickly. All THIRD architecture will be think to be massively adopted by people around the world accepting inside its own protocol the classic banking protocol and framework like SWIFT and SEPA protocols (IBAN) allowing direct transfer between THIRD and global banking account worldwide using the SWIFT system. THIRD will also allow FIX protocol to discuss with brokerage and financial institutional corporations which uses it for trading matter. THIRD will a stand-alone cryptocurrency and a bridge between financial protocol too. People with a THIRD address will be able to transfert THIRD and convert THIRD into their fiat Currency directly from their THIRD client depositing the money into their bank account. We think THIRD as a bridge with the finance world and not a competitor.

WITH YOU, ALWAYS Be your money friend

In our world, screen(s) are everywhere from your TV to your mobile phone. THIRD components will act on any screen with any devices : Mobiles, TVs with existing technologies as no-contact payment linked to THIRD too. We are not speaking about an apps you need to download but a THIRD component directly embedded in your hardware with your mobile constructor, your PC or APPLE, your TV.

SAFE secured blockchain and secured rights

Safety of THIRD is the core component with the need of a two pieces of control : hardware and software. CryptoWorld will be destroyed by quantum computers because all encrypton will blow up when the first quantum computers will come. THIRD knows that and suggest to combine the client's reconnaissance with an hardware equipment. Crypto needs to be at the same time logical and physical.

EcoFriendly Protect nature with ecofriendly algorythm

I love Switzerland and what i love in Switzerland it's the nature we can touch everyday. We can't build a blockchain based protocol based on Mining running out of ressources because we need more power each day to process new blocks. The crazy sprint of Bitcoin miners is just not tolerabe in a sustainable world where ressources need to be shared and used with parcimony. We need to invent a new way to rewards node's owners protecting the blockchain against spammers or attackers. I don't have the answer no, but THIRD will use new mining algorithm allowing ressources to be preserved.

E-Commerce READY Buiding new commercial routes

THIRD first goal will be to serve e-commerce economy by providing quickly modules that allow online payment securized. THIRD exchange will allow instant purchasing crediting the merchant's account and debiting the client's account at the same time of the good values without any fee. THIRD will take 0 fees to process any payment worldwide. THIRD Business model will be selling in SaaS mode the payment module from amateur to big institutionnal corporations no matter of the transaction's volume.

Growth & Maturity Build trust

Scalability is the key to build Trust. It's because THIRD will be able to onboard new partners quickly suggesting THIRD to millions of consumers immediatly Trust will be built in old Oak. We know when we speak about currencies that Trust is the key for growth. People won't use a money they don't trust. Exchanging with THIRD will be safe and, fast .No matter of the volume of transactions, THIRD will serve everybody on the same way from Singapour to Lima

JUST FAST Be able to pay in one second

Speed for need or need for speed ? Speed is the core for a payment system. The merchant wants to be sure that he has the money coming safely in its bank account while the consumers needs to know that he already spent this money and won't be charge later when his balance won't be at the good level. Blockchain based cryptocurrencies failed a this point offering confirmation time too long to act on the e-commerce or commerce field. THIRD will be fast. Fast enough to let you pay on the fly and be sure that all parties have what they need to have